Toronto Travel Guide

I recently had the opportunity to travel around Ontario for a week. Although I was there for a curling bonspiel (fancy name for a tournament), I also got to sight see and explore downtown Toronto!

Here are some things I did and whether I would recommend them or not!

  1. CN Tower: There are two things to keep in mind when contemplating going up in the CN Tower. 1- If you are afraid of heights or are claustrophobic I would not recommend  (The elevator ride up can last up to 2-3 minutes in a glass elevator slowly watching everything below you get smaller and smaller… its a bit daunting if you ask me!)  2- If you are on a tight budget, your time is better spent at the Aquarium. HOWEVER… if you have never been… it is still something pretty cool to check off the bucket list! The view is spectacular! (Just to go up the CN Tower it costs $35… and that basically only includes your elevator ride, the view & being able to walk over a glass floor)
  2. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: I absolutely loved the aquarium! It’s a little bit pricey but well worth it! Definitely set aside 2-3 hours if you decide to visit here. There are shows throughout the day & you can see divers enter the tanks and they will teach you all about the aquatic life! I would consider the aquarium a must see!
  3. Eaton’s Centre: After the Aquarium my boyfriend and I took a lengthy walk to the Eaton’s Centre (mall). We spent tons of time walking around here and quickly began to realize that everything was extremely overpriced and we were better off shopping at home! Therefore, if you aren’t in search of a specific store you don’t normally get to visit… don’t waste your time here!

  4. Go Transit/ Go Train: I used the Go Train to get from the suburbs to downtown Toronto (Union Station). It was fairly easy to use and pretty quick (considering how long it takes via car). The only thing that is a little bit daunting are the amount of people you will bump into while walking around the station. ALSO, I didn’t take the train out of downtown to get home… but give yourself a little more time if you are planning to do so as Union Station is a little more complicated than the suburb stations!


All in all downtown Toronto was pretty cool!

Here are some things that took me by surprise:

  • Everybody is always in a rush
  • There are way more people than I expected
  • Everything is fairly close to each other (makes it easy to see everything)


A few other photos I took:


I hope this helps you out with your next visit to Downtown Toronto!

Ashley Sara


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