Spring Essentials!

Switching from season to season always takes some work! For me, the biggest transition is winter to spring. From putting away all the winter clothes to bringing out all the new weather appropriate attire… it can be a lot of work!

Here are some essentials that I always make sure to take out right away:

  • Columbia Fleece / Jacket : For me, this is the perfect fleece for spring! It is so versatile! On cold days you can layer it with more clothing to keep super warm, but if it warms up, you can simply use it as a jacket. It’s something that I’ve been wearing constantly… especially since it’s so comfy! Columbia_Essentials
  • Fashionable Rubber Boots: With the snow melting constantly… I live in rubber boots! However, there’s nothing pleasant about ruining a perfectly cute outfit with an ugly pair of rain boots. That’s why these are awesome! Obviously the ones I’ve linked are hardly affordable… but if you’re ever stuck… look at Costco!


  • A New Spring Lip Colour: There’s nothing like finishing off a makeup look with a nice lipstick or lipgloss! However as soon as Spring hits it’s time to put away all the dark winter colours and update your look to new energetic spring colours! Here’s my personal favourite. It’s a light pinky beige and it has a matte finish!


There you have it! Some of my personal Spring favourites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Ashley Sara



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